Interviews simplified

Get started in minutes

Writic provides features to seamlessly evaluate your candidates. Simply start your free trial, invite your coworkers and schedule the first interviews. Your candidates can pick a language of their choice and start programming.

Realtime collaboration

Candidates and interviewers work together in the same convenient IDE in the browser. With shared cursors, everybody can see what the other person is doing, including highlighting text.

Single Sign-On

You can login with username and password. If you´re part of a larger organization you can choose single sign-on. Currently OpenID connect, which is used for example by Okta, is supported.

Invite your coworkers

Users can be auto-provisioned or invited individually from the admin dashboard.

Transparent billing

You can always see your usage in the admin panel to get an accurate overview over how many interviews have been created avoiding surprise charges.

Cancel anytime

No long-running contract and you can cancel any time. You pay only for the interviews you created and the resources used.

Multiple languages

The realtime editor currently supports Go, Java, NodeJS and Python. Support for more languages is coming soon.
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